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Composer produces an album for cats AND their human friends

Do you ever sit back and listen to some sweet tunes, but really feel like your cat is missing out? Well, that is a problem of the past, thanks to this music designed to share with your cat. 

The Kickstarter project MusicforCats is a campaign that is intended to fund raise for an album of music that both cats and their humans can enjoy.

David Teie‘s first Kickstarter project was created in 2015 for the first-ever album that catered to cats (and their humans). Of course, all those crazy cat people out there loved it! There was a whole heap of heartwarming feedback and a surprising number of requests for a second album.

The plan for the second album is purely for “feline-human sharking.” The album will contain eight songs all composed with natural, complex and varied sounds as opposed to electronic music. The artist has been working on music for both dogs and horses, however due to the encouragement on the first cat album, the second one is their first priority.

According to Kickstarter, all of the music will be available for download in three formats,”mp3 (compressed), 44kHz (CD quality), and 96kHz (highest quality). In the studio, we use special microphones and audio equipment that record very high frequencies. We do this because, when it comes to high hearing, dogs get the PR but cats can actually hear higher than dogs.”

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to animal shelters and copies of the album will be given to shelters and hospitals that do not declaw their animals.

At time of writing, they had raised $40,000 of their $20,000 goal, with two days to go, so it looks like we can expect a second kitty record.

So, if you’re super keen on bonding with your cat on a new level, head over and support the MusicForCats project.

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