This bizarre Half Jeans trend is apparently going to the next big thing to take over the Fashion industry

Brace yourselves, there’s a new denim trend, and it’s 100% worse than having rips across your knees.

It’s even worse then having those rips that reveal your butt-cheeks.

Just when you think fashion couldn’t become any more repulsive, it somehow does.

The new half-jeans apparently made their debut this year at America’s biggest music and arts festival, Coachella. Sure, the festival is known for glittery girls dancing half-naked, but this trend definitely takes the cake.

Here you go folks: half-jeans.

We’re still slightly convinced (and hoping) that this a one big joke.

But, maybe it’s a solution for those who love denim but don’t want groin sweat while they’re dancing all day in the desert. Who knows?

If these jeans stay out of public places such as super markets, universities, and churches then we may be able to forgive them for showing their face at Coachella.

Girls, put some real pants on.