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You just missed the everything-must-go Trump Casino sale

Donald Trump’s reputation for bankruptcy is almost as big as his reputation for billions. And last week, another one of The Donald’s former businesses – this time his Atlantic City Taj Mahal casino – decided to liquidate its assets on account of bankruptcy.

The casino, co-opened in 1990 with Trump and Michael Jackson, closed in 2016, leaving behind ‘over 2500 rooms full of junk’. The sale featured televisions, beds, manchester and ashtrays – alongside “ornate crystal chandeliers from Austria” which were personally picked out by Trump and his first wife Ivana for the hotel.

Unfortunately for Trump fans – and presumably Trump opponents – his name had been removed from almost everything. The casino itself hasn’t borne the Trump name since 2009, when the President lost control of it in a bankruptcy.

Trump’s failed casinos – along with his failed Trump Water, Trump Steaks, Trump University and countless other enterprises – have long become a joke, even before his run at the presidency.

Even Hillary Clinton got in on the joke, asking a packed rally ‘How can anybody lose money running a casino?‘.

For those upset they missed a chance to check out the venue and its special tackiness, never fear. It’ll be opening up next year – as a Hard Rock Cafe-themed hotel.

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