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The Teletubbies are actually terrifying monsters

Just how big are the Teletubbies anyway? Even if you’ve never asked yourself that question, the answer will probably still surprise you.

If you stop to think about it, you might decide that you think the Teletubbies are actually tiny. That seems to fit well with their cute image, after all, and with the fact that they live in a world where the sun is the size of an infant’s head.

Slightly more sophisticated viewers might have figured out that there are actually humans in the costumes, in which case you might reach the perfectly reasonable conclusion that the Teletubbies were roughly human-sized in their dimensions, which makes them slightly more menacing.

But you’d still be wrong.

The answer is as shocking as it is disturbing: the Teletubbies are in fact monstrosities of terrifying proportions, towering over even the tallest humans, with Tinky Winky standing at a height of three meters!

Not so cute anymore, are they? At least, that’s what the internet seems to think:

Okay, they’re not all as tall as Tinky Winky though. But even the shortest of all the Teletubbies, Po, is still two meters tall.

Admit it: that makes the Teletubbies pretty damn intimidating. Especially Tinky Winky, who could easily kill most humans in hand-to-hand combat.

Just to put you at ease, and to make sure you don’t have Teletubby-themed nightmares for the rest of your life, take comfort that there are in fact humans inside the suits (yes, they are suits — Teletubbies aren’t real guys).

And the humans inside the suits appear to be normal, against all odds:

That’s a relief. And in case you’re worried about the trauma suffered by the poor baby who played the sun on the TV show, know that by all accounts she grew up to be a normal, well-adjusted adult.

Feeling better now? Good. But don’t expect to ever look at the Teletubbies the same way again.

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