Someone reimagines Pokemon as the monstrous beasts from Attack on Titan, and they are creepy AF

Pokemon knows no boundaries. Some one has just reimagined these Pokemon as characters from Japanese Manga series Attack on Titan, and they’re a little bit unsettling.

For those of you who haven’t hear of Attack on Titan, it’s a Japanese Manga series created by Hajime Isayama. The Manga falls under the genres of Dark Fantasy and Post-Apocalyptic fiction – No wonder the Pokemon are creepy as.

An artist on DeviantART, Beth Emery has taken her favourite Pokemon including Jigglypuff (my personal fave), Cubone, and Bulbasaur and added some pretty weird Apocalyptic Attack on Titan features.

Traditionally, Emery draws her characters with ink pens and pretty accurately captures some disturbing themes. She moulds the facial expressions and backgrounds of the Pokemon into a world of Attack on Titan. That cute little Pikachu smile you’re used to, is now a gnarly, sharp, toothy grin. She utilises the facial expressions to manipulate our lvoeable Pokemon into evil creatures.

We’re probably not ready to ruin our childhood like this, but the illustrations are actually pretty cool. the mash-up between Cubone and Colossal Titan is one of our favourites, for sure.

The artist transforms the cutest, pink Pokemon Jigglypuff and Clefairy and juxtaposes their typical character with a twisted, evil smile and dead, glaring eyes. It’s positioned in front of a hole where a miniature Both Pokemon are considered quite the adorable creatures, but you plaster on that twisted smile and dead eyes and set it in front of a hole in the wall with a minuscule Rattata, and you’ve got something worth people freaking out over a little bit.

We think we’re going to stick to the cute, fluffy, original Pokemon for now.