Featured Image for KYOTOGRAPHIE: the latest mind-blowing photography from Japan

KYOTOGRAPHIE: the latest mind-blowing photography from Japan

The fifth-ever Kyotographie festival has just finished in Kyoto, Japan, and once again, they had some truly stunning photos on display.

Drawing on the efforts of Japan’s most famous photographers, Kyotographie offers up an amazing collection of cutting-edge images from heavy-hitters like Chikako Yamashiru and Nobuyoshi Araki. The festival also includes the work of famous non-Japanese photographers, like Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari.

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Kyotographie is still a young festival, but it has quickly become one of the most anticipated photography festivals in the world. And when you see some of the work on display, you’ll understand why:

Aspiring photographers who wants to know more about how these festivals work can check out this video, put out by the organisers of Kyotographie. It sheds some light on the process by which they select the exhibits that make it into the festival:

To find out more about Kyotographie, visit their website.

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