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How many of these hairless pop icons can you recognize?

A Brazilian artist who goes by the name of Mr. Peruca  sure has a thing for bald heads. Specifically, the bald heads of fictional pop culture icons.

Who knows how or why he thought of doing a series of cartoon scalps, but the end result looks great. And it really shows you how ingrained these characters are in your mind, by showing you how easy it is to recognize them by their scalps alone.

Don’t believe it? I can almost guarantee you know who this is supposed to be:

homer simpson's scalp

If it weren’t for all those hours you spent watching The Simpsons, there’s a good chance that you wouldn’t even recognize that image as depicting part of someone’s head. But thanks to the way your brain absorbs pop culture, you immediately recognize the familiar scalp of Springfield’s most interesting man.

Maybe that’s an unfair example, since pretty much everyone will know that one. Well then how about something slightly more obscure? Most of you will know this one too:

darth maul's scalp

And for anyone too cool to admit that you recognized Darth Maul, nobody believes you. We all saw those prequel movies. And we all remember him as one of the only cool things about them. Even he had basically no lines and got killed pretty early on.

How about one that actually might be challenging? This next one requires some knowledge of 1980s horror movies, which I guess is a pretty strong hint. Or how about I just give it away: it’s Pinhead. You know, from Hellraiser? No? Then you’d better go watch it! Here he is:

scalp of pinhead from hellraiser

And speaking of the 1980s, there’s another icon from that time who is one of the few non-fictional characters in Mr. Peruca’s collection. Although in today’s context he might sound fictional, given that he was a Russian leader who tried hard to ease tensions with the West:

gorbachev's scalp

You can check out more of Mr. Peruca’s collection here, but for now we’ll finish off with possibly the most recognizable head in the whole collection, at least if we’re going to include all ages when deciding what counts as recognizable. And once again, it’s something you would hardly recognize as a head unless you know the character, which somehow everyone does, even though nobody really reads Peanuts anymore:

charlie brown's scalp


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