This legend beat the office dress code (and the heat) by wearing women’s clothes

What do you do when it’s waaaay too hot outside for the office dress code? One man found an ingenious answer: just dress according to the ladies’ dress code.

After all, who isn’t for a little gender equality in the workplace?

Many guys will be able to relate with this one, especially if you work in an office that requires you to show up to work in mid-summer wearing a jacket, leather shoes, and a shirt buttoned up to your Adam’s apple, with a tie fitting tightly under the collar.

Meanwhile, your female coworkers can enjoy breezy summer dresses, possibly with open-toed footwear, and it’s considered acceptable. And rightly so! It should be acceptable for women to dress comfortably. But that enlightened view hasn’t extended into male dress codes, traditionally.

Now we just need a little gender equality shakeup in the men’s wardrobe department, to provide men the same kind of humane options available to women.

Enter this brilliant smart-arse, Joey Barge of Buckinghamshire, England. When he was sent home on a hot day for wearing shorts, he returned wearing clothing that fit under the women’s dress code:

Not only does he look fabulous, he’s also very clever. Because gender discrimination laws in the UK are quite strict, meaning his boss didn’t really have any option to apply a double standard: if those clothes are considered acceptable for his female coworkers, they’re acceptable for him as well.

And in the end, his boss had to amend the men’s dress code temporarily, to allow shorts!

Brilliant. And risky, making your boss look like an ass. This guy took a risk and struck a blow for all men (and women) in the workplace.

So if it’s hot wherever you are today, you might want to copy Joey Barge. But check your local gender discrimination laws first. And don’t say I didn’t warn you!