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THE Will Robots Take My Job? website can predict if your job is at risk of being lost to robots

It’s no secret that robots are the future, but exactly how much of the future are they looking to take over? Is your job at risk?

Well, thanks to Will Robots Take My Job?, you’re now able to find out.

The website was developed by Mubashar Iqbal after reading a paper exploring what jobs are susceptible to automation. Combining data from the paper and from the Bureau of Labor, enables the site to predict what jobs are at risk.

Reporters seem to be safe with only an 11 per cent chance of automation, while new accounts clerks are presented with a 99 per cent risk. Users are able to search almost any occupation where they’re also shown the projected growth, median salary and the number of people employed in the position as of 2016.

It must be noted that the site is specific to the US job market and not Australia. However, the report can be used as a rough guide to jobs across the globe.