Featured Image for Ugh, these 100% sewage popsicles highlight just how bad the pollution crisis is

Ugh, these 100% sewage popsicles highlight just how bad the pollution crisis is

Three students from the National Taiwan University of Arts implemented a senior project that will forever alter the way the world views pollution.

The students created 100 different popsicles from 100 different polluted areas around Taiwan, and called the project “100% Pure Sewage Ice Works”.

Within 24 hours, the project’s Facebook page had doubled in its number of likes, growing from 10,000 to over 20,000!

The entire goal of the project was to highlight the seriousness of the pollution problem in Taiwan. Previous campaigns had unfortunately been unsuccessful, so with this campaign, the students aimed to do something completely out of the ordinary by taking something everyone likes and displaying it in the most disturbing way.

Although the transparent popsicles appear beautiful and colourfully intriguing, the reality is, that they are composed of polluted water from ditches, rivers, ports, streams and drainage areas.

The team analysed their popsicle product and recognised that popsicles themselves are notoriously impermanent things. In order to preserve their hard work, the team took moulds of the popsicles and preserved them with a polyester resin. Then BOOM! Perfectly preserved pops.

In total, the project took about a year to complete. Not only did the crew sample water and make moulds, but they made each popsicle its own custom package. Each package had a number on it, which represented the order in which the sample was taken, along with it’s place of origin.

Packaged sewer popsicles

One of the project creators was quoted telling CNA that their No.1 popsicle, taken from the Keelung Harbor, was the smelliest and that the water left an oily residue in the sample bottle. She also described one of the drainage ditches as being more filthy than a sample of sewer water they took.

The “100% Pure Sewage Ice Works” project was nominated for the “Young Pin Design Award” shortly after its release, and will be a part of the “New Generation of Design Exhibition” held at the Taipei World Trade Center.

It’s safe to say that these inedible popsicles were consumed as the greatest wake-up call yet.

Via Taiwan News