Republicans opened up Trumpcare to the internet. It didn’t go well

Somewhere, down in the deep basements and cellars of the US’ Republican party, someone had a great idea. What if, as a PR stunt, we open up debate around Trump’s healthcare plan? And instead of doing it, you know, in Congress, what if we do it online?

Never mind that the bill itself has a 17 per cent approval rating, noted as the least popular piece of legislation in decades.

Right on cue, the internet responded – telling the Republicans just how horrible it was to have health insurance.

Within a day of the original post, more than 1,500 comments had been left on the site – with the vast majority in favour of keeping Obamacare. Although representatives said they were swamped with private horror stories, they’ve yet to provide any supporting evidence.

It reflects another previously failed poll, where respondents voted overwhelmingly in favour of the law.

As it currently stands, Trump and his buddies are a couple of Senate votes short of passing the law, and have suggested that they will then simply repeal Obamacare – and wait until later for the replacement part. Whether that will fly with voters – i.e. the people that can go and see doctors now, remains to be seen.