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Pregnant teen puts her own dad and aunt behind bars for robbing an elderly woman’s home

After spotting her dad and aunt in a viral Facebook post, pregnant 19-year-old, Cora Patterson, decided to speak up.

After Cora saw her father, Colin Patterson, and aunt, Janine Patterson, burglarizing an elderly woman’s home on a CCTV video on Facebook, she decided to turn them over to authorities by calling them out on Facebook.

Cora said that she felt angry and ashamed, which is why she posted their names on Facebook, which ultimately led to their arrest.

Cora calling her family out on Facebook.

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It’s clear that right away Cora recieved support from her Facebook friends, as pictured above, but one Facebook friend questioned Cora by asking, “Are you absolutely certain Cora?” to which she replied:

Cora's Facebook post calling out her family.

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Cora told The Sun newspaper that she realised her father had committed the crime shortly after she discovered that she was pregnant with his first grandchild.

This particularly shocked Cora because she said that after she had told her father she was pregnant, he was “absolutely thrilled”, so much so, that he even told Cora that the baby would be a fresh start and he wouldn’t let the two of them down.

However, Cora’s father was no stranger to the law. Her father had 34 previous convictions for burglary.

Cora says she remembers growing up with her father going in and out of prison for petty crimes, so she knew this would be no different.

After Cora turned her father in, he was sentenced to 4 years in jail.

Cora's dad's headshot.

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Whereas, Cora’s aunt was sentenced to 30 months in prison for the same offence, plus another 6 months for a previous crime she’d been serving a suspended sentence for.

Cora's auntie's headshot.

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The pregnant 19-year-old revealed how difficult her decision was by saying, “Putting my own father in prison was the hardest thing I have ever done but it was the right thing to do.”

Not to mention, Cora’s decision was made that much more difficult after her father texted her insinuating that he was going to commit suicide.

Cora's dad insinuating that he is going to commit suicide.

Cora's dad insinuating through a text message that he is going to commit suicide.

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Naturally, at first Cora was alarmed but then she said she realised that “he was just selfish and attention-seeking” and that she “certainly wasn’t the one who should be feeling guilty”.

Later on, Cora was commended by a judge at Bolton Crown Court for having the courage to publicly name her father and aunt as the culprits.

The judge even said that Cora should be commended for her bravery.

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