Polish First Lady snubs Trump’s handshake, brutally leaves him hanging

Trump is finally starting to get some handshake karma.

After his weird AF, never-ending vice grip baffled the hell out of a number of world leaders, the heads of state are starting to fight back.

First there was Canadian Prime Minister and swoon-dog, Justin Trudeau who took control of their initial exchange.

Then France’s Emmanuel Macron brutally smooshed Trump’s hand in their very first meeting.

Well the handshake savagery has continued, this time Poland’s First Lady, Agata Kornhauser-Duda, went full primary-school on the US President – hoping right by him and heading straight for Melania.

Come for the snub, stay for the look on Trump’s face.

Is the media definitely reading far too much into these ‘handshake wars’?

Most definitely.

Is it mostly over-hyped BS?

Most definitely.

But is it still really fun to watch Trump’s excruciatingly awkward greetings?

Most. Definitely.

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