This incredibly rare sunset is nature at its most beautiful

Storm-chaser, Mike Olbinski, witnessed an undulatus asperatus sunset in North Dakota and was able to capture its magic in a time-lapse.

Olbinski reveals that he usually doesn’t release any time-lapse clips from his chases until he puts out his final end of season compilation film.

But for this North Dakota sunset he made an exception, claiming that the sunset was “too unreal to let sit on [his] hard drive for months”.

And oh how we agree.

Olbinski emphasised the validity of the sunset’s colours, claiming that he only increased the contrast. If anything, he said it made him consider reducing the saturation levels due to the intensity of the colours with the added contrast effect.

To further prove his honesty, Olbinski wrote, “Six of us were there and all our photos and videos look the same.”

Olbinski also disclosed that of his 8 years in the storm-chasing business, this North Dakota stormy sunset was without question one of the most incredible sights he’s witnessed yet.