This car crashing through a diner will make you never sit near the window again

Many people love eating by restaurant windows. The sun is shining in, there are great views of streetwalkers passing by, and for the most part, it’s an all-around better dining experience.

Two men seemed to feel the same way about the window dining experience until they were quite literally hit by a lethal surprise. Understandably, the two men will probably forever choose to steer clear of all restaurant windows from here on out.

Truthfully, no one would have guessed that window-dining holds a certain amount of risk, at least not until a car was caught on tape crashing through a restaurant window, hitting two innocent diners in Ontario, Canada.

I’m afraid window-dining will never be viewed in the same light ever again, but fortunately, the victims of the scary event were able to walk away from it without any severe injuries.

Somehow, the driver of the vehicle that wreaked havoc was able to simply go home after the unsettling incident, but not to worry, one victim claims that he WILL be pursuing this case.