We are in awe of the gorgeous riots of overflowing colour in Yumi Phillips’s artwork

Have you ever stumbled across an artist’s work and said, “Oh I like that. Oh I like that. I love that. Oh, oh, wait … I love everything. Take my money.”

Apparently, nearly 17,000 other people think the same way about Yumi Phillip’s delightfully trendy paintings. Scribbled or painted in various sizes, ranging from tiny to humongo, her choice of colours are spot-on; uplifting, fashionable, glorious.

Her story and process, which you can follow on her Instagram, is equally inspiring. As a stay-at-home mom, Yumi works between naptimes and other household duties. She is incredibly open about her struggles to get to where she is, and an inspiration for those who think that “Oh, now that I’m _____, I can’t pursue my dreams” or “I’ll paint someday when I have more time.”

Thanks Yumi, for inspiring us with your will to create, and for your unbelievably gorgeous riots of overflowing colour!

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