You can now eat Sigur Rós cannabis gumdrops

Some of you probably love Sigur Rós. Some of you probably love getting high. And for those of you who love both, these are the candies for you.

They’re the creation of a California company called Lord Jones, which sells edible sweets infused with THC and CBD extracted from cannabis.

There are five varieties available: three with THC, and two with CBD only.

And if you want the THC kind, you’d better have a prescription for medical marijuana and be living in California. Otherwise, you can just try the CBD kind (assuming you’re in a jurisdiction where CBD edibles are legal).

What’s CBD, you might be wondering? Most people will already know what THC is. But CBD is really just coming into its own. It stands for “Cannabidiol“, which is an active cannabinoid just like THC.

For some reason, CBD has never been as famous as THC. But it’s become more popular with the rise of edibles in the wake of marijuana legalization victories in several American states.

Hopefully Lord Jones has thought through the business model behind this product, seeing as 3 out of the 5 varieties will only be of interest to Sigur Ros fans with medical marijuana cards. That’s a pretty niche market.

And in case you’re wondering, the band is on board with this product. In fact, they’re playing a show at the product launch for the gum drops in NeueHouse in Hollywood on April 28.

Assuming you’re eligible to purchase these, you can get your box for about $50 USD ($65 AUD).