Featured Image for Walk among the insects with these epic closeup photos

Walk among the insects with these epic closeup photos

Insects are probably the most under-appreciated thing going. Wait, hear me out.

Think about it: they are basically aliens that live among us, which we can observe any time we want, and they won’t even notice that we’re watching. Although come to think of it, that kind of makes us sound like the aliens in that situation.

But the point is, insects are cool, especially if you start to look at them more closely.

Have you ever sat and watched an ant hill for ten minutes or so, especially when they’re in crisis mode, trying to fix some damage to their home?

I think we’ve all done that. And let’s admit it: we also intentionally caused the damage, just to see what they would do.

Bees are also amazing. They literally communicate via dance to tell each other about the good sources of harvestable pollen:

And don’t even get me started about how absorbing it is to just sit there — possibly while stoned — watching a spider spin its fatal trap:

And before any entomologists leave an angry comment: yes, we know that spiders aren’t actually insects.

Still don’t believe me that bugs are beautiful? Are you one of those poor fools who unthinkingly smashes these fascinating creatures out of misplaced, child-like fear? Then take a closer look:

a praying mantis

a caterpillar

These closeup shots come to us courtesy of a photographer by the name of Igor Siwanowicz. And they really bring out the personality of your least favourite neighbours:


a scorpion

They’re pretty impressive. Don’t get me wrong though — we all know which kinds of bugs are definitely not welcome near humans in Australia.

Charming or not: when the situation calls for it, feel free to smash away.