Polish Club’s music video for ‘Come Party’ is finally out

In line with Polish Club’s announcement of a national tour for their debut album Alright Already, the band has also released the music video for their latest single, Come Party.

The single is included in Polish Club’s 14-track album and features a vibrant, retro music video. Directed by Sydney-based Leilani Croucher, the video is reminiscent of vintage ‘80s live performances – albeit with a dark twist at the end.

Croucher explains: “Perfection, beauty, innocence… what hides beneath the ultimate facade… For the Come Party video, I wanted to explore the romance of what lurks beneath and in doing so created a new Polish Club, a slice of pure unbridled pop or so it would seem.”

We got to talk to Croucher to find out more about the making of Polish Club’s new music video. Check it out below.

Come Party by Polish Club

Where did the creative idea for the video spring from?

“Listening to ‘Come Party’ you could easily be swept away in a hard rocking fast paced sex-fuelled whirlwind… but it immediately took me to another place, another time. On the surface, it’s so simple and yet so much more hidden within. Something about it felt so pop, maybe it was the backing vocals bopping along or perhaps it was the veiled euphemisms. Either way, that’s where it took me.

“It made me think of the picture perfect pop bands from the ‘60s and ‘70s – so clean cut, so polished, forever smiling, manufactured and ready for our consumption. Yet no one can truly be so perfect, so one dimensional. Deep beneath these plastered smiles, there is almost always something much more sinister/real lurking beneath.

“To really play with this it made sense to re-cast the band. My ‘Polish Club’ was after all an all-female pop band, smiles wide drawing you in with every strum of the guitar, tilt of the head, and hit of the drum.”

Tell us about your association with the band and how the opportunity came up?

“Well… I have known the guys from the Polish Club especially the drummer John-Henry Pajak for a while, through friends of friends. He reached out to Revolver, I came up with a concept… and it all went from there.”

Come Party by Polish Club

The budget for the shoot was small. How did that inform the filming of the video?

“Revolver fully supported me and were behind this production 100 percent. This helped me to get an all-star cast and crew on board for the shoot and to make it all happen.

“We had one day to get all the coverage I needed, which meant being very well prepared in terms of art department, hair and makeup looks, and lighting. All of the girls actually play and we rehearsed prior to the shoot so everyone knew what was up. And then of course – required everyone moving quickly together on the day.”

What other bands would you most like to work with?

“That’s a hard one!  What bands wouldn’t I want to work with…

“I would love to work with bands and artists who are open to a collaborative approach, who want to push the boundaries and make stuff that stands out from the rest.”

Polish Club is set to go on an extensive 11-stop nationwide tour from March 5 until June 3. You can buy your tickets here.

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