Artists make fake Nike shoes that are unlike anything we’ve ever seen

What could be better than art, commercialism, and a stab at the negatives of our society?

Artists Ava Nirui and Alex Lee have collaborated with Nike to create a series of fake ads promoting fake Air Max shoes. The collection, which features sneakers decorated with spikes, razor blades, and Barbie dolls, aims to challenge the current political landscape in the US.

Although these artworks are not often sanctioned by the brands they poke fun at, Nike actually allowed this collaboration and is in full support of it.

In an interview with Dazed, the artists said they “both agree that if you’re going to make things, they should probably say something meaningful.”

Hence, the subtle and overarching messages of consumerism and fashion throughout the artists’ works.

You can see more of Ava Nirui’s work on Instagram.