Another terrifying United Airlines incident finally inspired people to listen to plane safety briefings

United Airlines’ past year has been less than fantastic by all accounts. There was the HUGE scandal involving Dr Dao’s forcible removal from a passenger plane, the scorpion who bit a passenger, and the recently released footage of a 71-year-old man being punched and left for dead by a United employee.

United received even more bad press over the weekend, as a fire broke out at the rear of a passenger plane. Thankfully, the plane hadn’t left the Denver Airport runway and all 63 people on board were able to make it off the aircraft safely.

One of the passengers was the Editor-in-chief of Quartz, Kevin Delaney. His recount is simple and factual –

“My son and I were on a United Express passenger jet that caught fire and had to be evacuated yesterday afternoon on the runway at Denver airport. The plane’s left engine had caught fire around when we landed, with flames shooting out of it. The fire was large enough that the controllers in the airport control tower could see it and radioed the pilots to alert them, a pilot told passengers after everyone had evacuated…Everyone made it out of the plane safely.”

He followed his recount with a list of what to expect when a plane goes up in flames, including a call to act urgently, abandon social media, and listen to safety instructions. Seriously guys, don’t take a selfie with a burning plane.

It’s certainly scary stuff, but if you read his top tips, you’ll be ready to help others in the event of an emergency.