Featured Image for People are now using toothpaste as a DIY pregnancy test

People are now using toothpaste as a DIY pregnancy test

Instead of purchasing a pregnancy test, there is a new, alternative DIY pregnancy test that is starting to gain momentum and what’s more it doesnt even require you to leave the bathroom, nope not even a step.

Would you trust a bathroom product to tell you if you were expecting?

Well, it seems many women are saying goodbye to pregnancy tests that are readily found at supermarkets and pharmacies and saying hello to TOOTHPASTE in a bid to determine if they’re with child..or not.

The toothpaste test is not the first homemade DIY pregnancy test that has been used, both sugar and bleached have been used as pregnancy tests.

It is believed that if you’re pregnant the toothpaste when mixed with urine, will change colour and become frothy. If a women is not pregnant, the paste will remain unchanged.

One site discussing the ‘toothpaste pregnancy test’ admits that although “women have been using this homemade option for years now with relatively favorable results…the toothpaste pregnancy test has never been formally studied by scientists or doctors”.

Speaking to HuffPost UK, owner and chief pharmacist at Oxford Online Pharmacy, Stuart Gale said “the fizz in toothpaste is caused by the acid in the urine reacting with the calcium carbonate in the toothpaste to give off carbon dioxide”. The acidity of the urine determines how great the fizz is, “Whether or not a person is or isn’t pregnant wouldn’t make any difference,” Gale said.

Regardless of the sources behind the toothpaste pregnancy craze, they all stress the importance of seeking professional medical advice if anyone believes they may be pregnant.