Lawyer refuses to answer police’s questions and gets arrested for it…now she’s suing the police department

What a turn of events!

Attorney, Rebecca Musarra, knew the law and was fully aware of her civil and federal rights. Therefore, when Musarra got arrested for practising her rights, as caught on a police car dashcam, she knew it was unjust.

Musarra understood it was her right to remain silent if she so pleased, which is why she chose to comply with the officer’s requests by handing over her license and registration, but simply refused to speak.

Clearly enraged by Musarra’s defiance, the state troopers began to grow in frustration. They repeated questions, raised their voices and threatened to arrest the attorney unless she answered their questions.

Unphased, Musarra clarified with the officers by asking, “Are you detaining me because I refused to speak?”

When one officer replied, “Yeah. Obstruction.” Musarra knew she had a case for her defence.

After a police supervisor viewed the dash cam footage, Musarra was released without charges, but for Musarra that wasn’t enough. Muscarra still feels violated and shaken by the entire experience.

Musarra is now suing the police department, filing a federal civil rights lawsuit.

Musarra’s attorney commented on the event by stating that the trooper’s, “Had every right to stop her and give her a speeding ticket if they wanted to, but they did not have a right to arrest her simply for not answering questions.”

State police spokesman Captain, Stephen Jones, stated that the department’s internal affairs office conducts a review any time misconduct is alleged.

Jones also wrote a reassuring email claiming, “In the event that problems are identified, training and/or disciplinary measures are implemented where appropriate.”