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Motorcyclist kicks a vehicle, causing an insane chain reaction of crashes

Recently a video was captured of a motorcyclist kicking a vehicle on the 14 Freeway in Santa Clarita, California which caused an out of control, chain-reaction crash that left one motorist injured after his truck flipped.

The California Highway Patrol are now looking for the motorcyclist responsible for this chain of, what could have been, lethal events.

However, thankfully, no one suffered any life-threatening injuries.

The brief but violent clip shows a motorcyclist kicking the driver’s side of a sedan in the southbound carpool lane of the freeway.

In response, the sedan swerved left in an attempt to sideswipe the motorcycle; although the sedan succeeded, the action resulted in an out of control collision.

The California Highway Patrol is considering the incident to be a hit-and-run since the motorcyclist not only witnessed the event but partook in it and still chose to ride off without stopping.

Officer Josh Greengard told KNBC-TV that, “Obviously it was a road-rage incident. He was seen kicking the vehicle,”

Greengard also mentioned the utter importance of receiving the motorcyclist’s side of the story in order to fully understand the entirety of the event.

Investigators agree; they want to speak with the motorcyclist before citing anyone or making an arrest.

The big take away? Cars are meant for driving, not kicking.