Couple immediately regrets turning to the internet for a simple photoshop job

You’d think people would know better than to turn to the internet for help, but of course, life would be too boring without the world’s two cents.

So, here we are…discussing where Ashley Guice went wrong. Well, for one, she had turned to the internet for help, but not just any help, photoshop help.

That was where she went wrong.

It’s obvious Guice only had the good intentions of fixing her newly engaged friends’ photo, but when Guice pleaded with the internet, the internet heard her loud and clear.

That was when the internet did what it does best: take things to the extreme, in the weirdest, wittiest, and funniest way.

The original photo:

The internet’s response…

And my personal favourite:

But not to worry, eventually, someone actually felt bad for the couple’s misfortune and created a genuine solution:

Photo Credit: imgur.com