Barbie’s boyfriend Ken gets a Millennial makeover, with man buns and cornrows

For decades, Ken has served as Barbie’s vapid arm candy: little more than another accessory for her lavish lifestyle. But now Ken’s about to get real, with a new line of updated and diversified Ken dolls.

For one thing, Ken’s not (necessarily) white anymore! I’m not sure if Mattel expects a medal for that or what, but it seems like the kind of thing that could have been dealt with, say, a few decades ago?

In any case, there are now an array of ethnicities available for your next Ken doll. Better late than never.

As an added bonus, Ken also gets a new range of updated styles. And not classic Barbie styles like tennis clothes, beach clothes, etc. We’re talking man buns, corn rows, and hipster glasses:

And while this may just seem like a cynical or desperate attempt to score easy points with the upcoming generation of Millennial parents, well — it probably is just that.

But so what? Barbie is responding to shifting demographics and giving you just what you’re looking for.

The fact that toy companies are willing to go along with social progress, even if they are driven to do so purely out of a desire to survive, means that they can be led by whatever popular opinion dictates.

So does that mean in another ten years we’ll see, say, a transgender Ken? You never know.

Maybe one day, the old Ken will seem hopelessly outdated. Until then, Barbie’s love life is about to get way more diverse.