Savage little kid shows no mercy, roasts a weatherman live on air

Poor reporter, he never even saw it coming. No one would have suspected this innocent looking little boy to be the greatest savage of all time.

A Fox5 newscaster was reporting on the availability of fireworks at a local firework shop when he noticed a seemingly affable boy.

The news reporter makes the mistake of trying to interview the boy while he is reporting live by asking, “What’s the best kind of firework to buy?”

The boy responds without missing a beat, “Wouldn’t you like to know, Weather Boy.”

The baffled reporter hesitates before answering back, “Where are your parents?”

The boy continues on looking at his firework catalogue without saying a word.

The reporter turns back to the camera stating, “Kid’s sketchy. Back to you guys.”

I don’t know what is more epic, the boy’s savagery or the “weather boy’s” response. Either way, this video will never fail to make me laugh.

UPDATE: Turns out the boy in the video is actually the broadcaster’s son! D’oh!

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