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Chinese tourist faints from shock after breaking $40,000 bracelet

Yeah, we’d pretty much have the same reaction too.

In the city of Ruili in China, a tourist had a panic attack and fainted after finding out the cost of a jade bracelet – oh, just around AUS$52,000 (US$40,000) – she accidentally broke.

The unnamed woman was reportedly trying on the bangle when it slipped from her hands and shattered into two pieces upon hitting the floor.

After learning of the item’s insane price, she made calls to friends and family for help. Moments later, she felt dizzy and collapsed. Photos show the unlucky lady being laid down on the ground so she could recover.

A woman who fainted

According to witnesses, the woman’s family tried to settle by paying AUS$11,700 (US$9,000) in damages, but the sellers refused. Both parties eventually agreed on a AUS$30,600 (US$23,500) payment.

The internet, though, isn’t convinced about the jewelry’s ridiculous price tag.

“So, that bracelet and all of the other ones like it are just sitting on the counter for anyone to grab it? I can count at least 50 bracelets in the photo,” said one commenter. “So, you’re telling me that the vendor at this counter has $2 million in merchandise sitting on the counter?”

What do you think? Legit rare jade bracelet or highway robbery?

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