Pharma bro Shkreli can’t get a jury together, because people hate his face

Remember pharma bro Martin Shkreli, the hedge fund kid who jacked up the price of life saving medication before being the only person to buy Wu Tang’s limited release Once Upon a Time in Shaolin on his way to becoming the ‘most hated man in America’?

Well, Shkreli is back in the news this week, as his fraud trial continues. And while almost everyone in the world wants to see the smug Shkreli go down hard, prosecutors are actually having a hard time getting a jury together.

The problem? People just can’t stand his face. An important aspect of jury selection is that whoever makes it on to the panel is going to be impartial, ensuring that the eventual outcome is decided only on the facts of the case.

But Shkreli’s notoriety is a problem for the court, as they keep striking off jurors who already hate the man and want to see him go down.

The trial has been delayed and delayed, but there are reports that it is set to go ahead in August. You’d think finding 12 people in New York who didn’t give a hoot about a trust fund kid wouldn’t be so tough, but I guess that’s kinda the point.

The potential jurors provided all kinds of feedback on Shkreli, saying they wouldn’t be able to be impartial because he was the “face of corporate greed”.

Another said he took one look at Shkreli and “said in my head ‘that’s a snake’ ” – and that was someone who’d never heard of the guy.

We don’t want to advocate judging a book by its cover, but in this case perhaps we can all make an exception.