Trump’s wants world leaders to call him on his cellphone

What is it about Donald Trump and mobile phones? While it’s usually his tactless Twitter posts that make news, this time it’s his sheer lack in understanding the rules of international diplomacy.

As reported by Time, the US President has taken to giving foreign leaders his personal cellphone number – presumably followed up with him holding his hand to his ear, licking his lips and mouthing ‘call me’.

Aside from being against long-established diplomatic protocol, using personal mobile phones is a security risk. Anything discussed – including state secrets or other classified material – can easily be intercepted, not that Trump’s ever seemed too worried about keeping secrets.

So far, it appears that only Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has taken him up on the offer. Other leaders he has given his number too, such as French President Emmanuel Macron, have apparently declined the offer at this stage, preferring to chat the old fashioned way.

The story comes at an inopportune moment for The Orange One, who is already being investigated for shady conversations with Russia. Trump critics have hit out, saying the story is evidence of Trump’s unfitness for office – while his supporters have brushed it off as part of the presidential learning curve.

Unfit for office. Ha! Fat chance. Show me the evidence.