KFC is sending their chicken burger into space as part of a bizarre promotional stunt

So, KFC has lost the plot and is planning on sending a Zinger Burger into space… Confused yet?

KFC’s promotional website for the stunt, the catchily titled, confirms it: “Yes, space. For real. We’re actually doing this.

“Welcome to the official website of the Zinger 1 Space Mission, a mission to take KFC’s new spicy, crispy Zinger chicken sandwich to new heights. Specifically, heights around 80,000 feet straight up into space.”

There is even a countdown until launch – 54 hours ’til launch RIGHT NOW!

The company is cracking funnies left, right, and centre on the website.

“KFC’s new spicy, crispy Zinger chicken sandwich is the lone crew member of the Zinger 1 space mission,” it says. “The potato wedges, cookie, and drink that usually accompany the Zinger in a $5 Fill Up will remain on Earth, monitoring the Zinger’s progress during the mission.”

The website even has a FAQs page where us civilians can try and understand what is actually going on here.

When you say “space,” what exactly do you mean?
The Zinger will travel to the stratosphere where it will stay between 60,000 and 80,000 feet above the Earth’s surface.

Is that even considered space?
When most people hear the word “space,” they usually think of “outer space,” where all the good 3-D summer blockbusters are set. The stratosphere is considered “near space,” where all the good chicken sandwich missions are set.

So… isn’t that technically not space?

Technically. But we’re launching a chicken sandwich 19 miles into the air in a robotic bucket satellite. What more do you want from us?

Basically, what is happening is KFC is shooting a Zinger Burger into the air in the hope that it will enter the stratosphere. Hey, weird enough is good enough!