Featured Image for Illustrator imagines what apps would look like as superheroes

Illustrator imagines what apps would look like as superheroes

Whether it’s finding a date for Friday night or tweeting a photo of a cute dog you just saw, apps are an important part of pop culture. In fact, you could even they’re… super important.

Jack Teagle is an artist and illustrator based in Cornwall, UK, producing everything from unofficial Simpsons comics and record sleeves, to Star Wars wrapping paper, and Predator-themed t-shirts.

As part of a new series of illustrations, Jack created App Force – a crime fighting team of superheroes based on popular smartphone applications.

Depicted in his signature vibrant style, apps like Tinder, Snapchat, Twitter, My Fitness Pal, and Just Eat, all feature as golden age comic book covers in a collection that blurs the line between classic art and contemporary technology.

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