Featured Image for French artist hoards his trash for 4 years, and the resulting photos are powerful

French artist hoards his trash for 4 years, and the resulting photos are powerful

A clear-cut metaphor for the waste we collectively produce, whether we admit it or not.

Antoine Repessé is just one of countless artists using his medium to discuss environmental issues. But the photographer from the North of France wanted to simplify his statement, to leave the hard data to others, and strike a chord with dramatic photos.

His series #365 Unpacked shines a light on our problematic habits as consumers to go for single-use and heavily packaged products. For four years, Antoine collected packaging waste that included 1,600 milk bottles, 4,800 toilet rolls, and 800 kg of newspapers. Take a look:

??♻️? DESLIZE ?? Em 2011, o fotógrafo Antoine Repessé deixou de jogar seu lixo reciclável fora com um propósito. Quatro anos depois, ele começou a transformar essa ideia inicial que teve em uma poderosa série de fotos que ele chamou de ‘#365 Unpacked’, o que nos faz repensar em nosso papel como consumidores. Durante o período de 4 anos, o artista com sede em Lille, França, acumulou mais de 70 metros cúbicos de lixo: 1.600 caixas de leite, 4.800 rolinhos de papel higiênico e 800 quilos de jornais. Tudo isso para dar um visual mais forte e causar mais impacto em seu projeto. ?♻️ #meioambiente #natureza #preservar #salveoplaneta #reciclagem #naturezaevida #cuidedoplaneta #conservacao #preservacao #biodiversidade #environment #savetheplanet #sustanability #sejaconsciente #poluicao #gogreen #biotica #recicle #reuse #repense #reduza #recuse #365unpacked #antoinerepessé Fonte: @vocesabia @antoinerepesse

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“The choice of sorting the garbage gives a graphic effect. I tried to produce a perfect picture which evokes something disturbing,” says Antoine.

How much trash do you accumulate in the bathroom? Check out this series by photographer #antoinerepesse who collected his trash for four years to bring us these eye opening visuals #overconsumption #recycle #buybulk #staygreen #yearsoftrash #plastic #divertwastefromlandfill #ecofriendlyproducts #ecofriendly #sustainableliving #conscious #sustainability

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“We’re often told about the quantity of waste we produce, but I think the impact of a picture can be more powerful than a ton of words,” he adds.

“I hope my project can inspire change.”

Wow!!! Photographer Antoine Repessé Photographe created a powerful photo series with 4 years of recyclable trash. What a great visual explanation by of how recycling can be a waste of resources and refillable containers are so much more effective. Be sure to check out all of the photos on the @boredpanda website. #reuse #benefits #planet #recycle #boredpanda #antoinerepesse #zerowaste

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We hope the success of Antoine’s photo series inspires more artists to follow suit. For any result to scale and be sustainable, it has to reach the far corners of the global community. And of course, the change has to come from each and every one of us, beginning from our own individual capacities.

In his series "#365 Unpacked" French photographer Antoine Repesse challenges us to think about the impact of our consumption, particularly packaging. Talk about commitment, he held onto all his recyclable waste for 4-years to make the powerful images. #waste #waronwaste #waronwasteau #trashfreefuture #antoinerepesse #take3forthesea

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For more of Antoine’s work, visit his website or follow him on Facebook.

And for more of the #365 Unpacked photo set, click the link below.

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