This mud-crabbing hero demonstrates just how insanely fearless Australians are

As if dealing with deadly snakes, spiders, jellyfish and what-else-have-you isn’t enough, this Aussie man also chooses to tackle incredibly large crabs.

Meet Beau Greaves, an Australian native living in remote Queensland and officially the most ballsy man. According to Beau’s Facebook page, he describes himself as an “adventurer & wildlife enthusiast”.

Although his bio description is accurate, it slightly confuses me because nowhere does it say “fearless mofo”. Weird right?

I mean who else has the guts to stick their entire body into a dark, muddy hole? Not to mention that this man went in headfirst, hoping to come face to face with a pinchy creature!

Who does that?! Well, apparently this man.

Beau’s Facebook post casually mentions some close calls he’s had with crabbing, as if nearly losing a finger or crushing a wrist is no big deal.

Following this disconcerting information, Beau invites all Aussie’s to “give it a go”…uh as tempting as that is, we’ll pass.