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Crowd catches young girl as she falls 25-feet from a theme park ride

This past weekend, a 14-year-old girl fell 25 feet from a gondola-style ride at Six Flags Great Escape amusement park in Lake George, New York.

Luckily, the girl was caught by a crowd of onlookers who had gathered below her preparing for her to fall.

The dramatic fall and catch of the girl was captured on tape by a nearby witness, where we can watch the entire event unravel.

In the video, we can see that there was another person inside the very gondola the girl was dangling from, however, this other person appeared very calm in demeanour and in no apparent danger of falling.

Witness, Lauren Lent, saw the entire horrific incident happen and was one of the ones who managed to capture it on videotape. At one point in the video, you can hear Lent hollering words of encouragement to the girl, “They’ll catch you! They’ll catch you, honey, go ahead!”

It wasn’t long until the girl released her grip and sharply dropped to the ground, first hitting a tree branch, which helped to break her fall, before being caught in the arms of several good Samaritans below. After the girl was caught, the celebratory cheers of onlookers commenced.

Although the girl managed to escape serious injury, she was still in dire need of medical attention. First She was treated by the park’s medical staff and then taken to a local hospital until she was finally flown, by helicopter, to Albany Medical Center.

According to police reports, the girl remains in stable condition.

The only other person who was injured was a 47-year-old man who had hurt his back from attempting to catch the girl. He also made a trip to the local hospital.

Although it is still very unclear as to how the girl got into such a predicament, onlookers were shocked by the scarce amount help that was readily available for the distressed girl.

Lent’s video demonstrates the girl having to be moved about 30 feet before being able to receive any medical attention, which as Lent points out, is an awful way to handle a situation, especially when the injured person might have possible back or neck trauma.

Apparently, when Six Flags spokeswoman, Rebecca Wood, had been questioned on whether or not the girl’s evacuation had followed protocol, she only said that all rides in the park have a “standard evacuation plan.”

The details of the event still remain unclear. No one is quite sure how long the teen was hanging from the gondola or how she got into such a dangerous situation–especially since the gondola the girl had been on, was inspected and was reported to have everything intact and operational, including all of its safety equipment at the time of the incident.

However, Wood has released information revealing that the ride will remain closed until a thorough internal review has been run.

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