Featured Image for Little girls dressing as Wonder Woman to see the film is truly glorious

Little girls dressing as Wonder Woman to see the film is truly glorious

We are uber excited about the new release of DC’s Wonder Woman and we are not the only ones! A whole bunch of tiny people have been dressing up in pretty convincing costumes to view the new movie.

All across America, little girls are dressing up as their favourite superhero and it is the cutest thing you will see today.

It’s fantastic to finally see a superhero movie that features a character that young girls can use as a positive role model. As most superhero films are dominated by males and a damsel in distress character, we are clearly taking a huge jump forward into the 21st century where woman are equal to men.

Check out all these pictures of how enthralled young girls are by Wonder Woman!

Honestly, we couldn’t be more excited to have a superhero movie which features a female as the protagonist. Finally!

Alguien está lista para ver la peli de su personaje favorito #wonderwoman #wonderwomanmovie

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@divina18 and A are getting some girl time seeing #wonderwoman today 🙂

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Balloon artist from Chicago Smarty Pants even got in on the fun with this remake of Wonder Woman’s invisible jet from clear balloons.

Can you see Wonder Woman's invisible plane?

Posted by Smarty Pants on Tuesday, February 14, 2017

According to Business Insider Australia, the film is rated 92 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes and has had the largest box-office opening for a female director ever.

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