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This beautiful exhibition is powered by Donald Trump’s Twitter stream

All those ridiculous Twitter posts from Donald Trump may finally be contributing some good to the world… 

No, we’re not kidding – Trump is putting his petty tweets to use powering a greenhouse.

A subterranean exhibition located in Manhattan’s Midtown is cultivating a piece of land through the power of tweets. Martin Roth’s installation supports “over 200 lavender plants growing under fluorescent light.”

The plants grow in “direct relationship to the tweets of powerful public opinion shapers: as these statements are retweeted with greater frequency, the lights get stronger. Through this system, the lavender plants become a kind of a perverse index of the politico-cultural climate, metamorphosing these conditions by their thriving.”

As the controversy surrounding these politicians and their voice grows and is retweeted, the lavender inherently grows and produces the calming properties it is famously known for.

“Roth’s eerie simulation makes explicit the convergence of the psychical structures that undergird our politics and the felt life of the American every day.”

The simulation is a paradox between the hate that politicians such as Donald Trump propagate and the calming properties of lavender.

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