Featured Image for Artists imagine what brunch would look like if it was prepared by famous artists

Artists imagine what brunch would look like if it was prepared by famous artists

If you didn’t think that magical meal called brunch could get any better, we’re here to tell you, it just did.

Designer Kyle Bean, food stylist Lucy-Ruth Hathaway and photographer Aaron Tilley have collaborated for the 24th issue of Kinfolk magazine and what they have created is something pretty tasty. The group imagined brunch, but as designed in the style of famous artists.

Five images were captured in the series of artistic brunch ideals called Artisan Brunch. There are pancakes and toppings balanced in mid-air in an Alexander Calder-inspired mobile. The series also flaunts a Damien Hirst formaldehyde cube with an avocado – a hipster’s favourite food – suspended inside. There is also a slice of bread with dots of decorative ketchup in a similar style to Yayoi Kusama.

Check out the artist’s Instagram for more: Find Lucy-Ruth hereKyle here and Aaron here.


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