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Artist recreates iconic masterpieces with cartoon characters

A Tumblr user has recreated a whole bunch of famous paintings with cartoon characters and we are totally having a laugh.

As times roll by and centuries change we need to update our idea of high-art and we think we’ve found the way. These recreations of famous paintings are something we would totally hang above the toilet.

If you are a lover of shows like Adventure Time, Rick And Morty, Sailor Moon, The Legend Of Zelda and a whole heap more, then you are bound to love these animations. Tumblr user Lothlenan has posted his pictures on his personal Tumblr, and unsurprisingly, they’ve gone  viral.

Famous art works like The Scream have been brought into the 21st century in a way in which fans of Rick And Morty can appreciate the art. We can definitely see the appeal of the pictures – they’re relatable and actually pretty funny.

The artist posted on Tumblr, “This is all I’ve done so far! I cringed at the idea of doing a comparison because my own art looks terrible when compared to the original masterpieces, but since others have done it I figured I may as well.”

According to an interview published on BuzzFeed, each piece of art takes about a week to digitally remake, and it’s totally worth the wait. The artist also told BuzzFeed “I always try to pick a painting I love and see if I can fit my fandom in there meaningfully.”

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