These life-size paintings encourage viewers to complete the image

Tsibilisi, Georgia-based artist Tezi Gabunia has created a series of paintings that change the way we experience art. Instead of just looking at the compositions, his works actually let you be part of the compositions.

Called Complete the Painting, the series features life-sized paintings that coax the audience into entering the frame and, as the title suggests, completing the image with their own interpretation.

For instance, one artwork shows a man about to throw a pie at a blank space. The audience can then dictate the narrative with their reactions and choices. In this case, they can either get ‘hit’ by the pie or appear to dodge it.

Complete the Painting by Tezi Gabunia

“Today, our lives are no longer separated from art. Through the technological process creativity becomes the part of everyday life,” said Gabunia.

“Complete the painting was reflecting on the productive and shareable processes of the art. It was based on the fundamental values and the vision of the group: to make the work of art available for everyone!”

Complete the Painting by Tezi Gabunia

To find out more about Tezi Gabunia’s work, head on over here.

Complete the Painting by Tezi Gabunia

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