These illustrations from the children in Kashmir’s war zone will break your heart

If you haven’t gathered that war is absolutely heart-wrenching by now, you definitely need to see these illustrations.

The illustrations come from the homes of children in war-torn Kashmir, Northern India. The colours of the drawings are dominated by reds and blacks, the colours of fire, blood, death, and loss.

They show the persistent brutality of this area and the premature destruction of innocence these children have faced.

The naturally rich countryside of Kashmir, with flowing streams, mountains, and orchards, has been tainted by the terror of violence and death. Last year, the region saw its bloodiest loss in some time, and 100 civilian lives were lost in a violent clash.

In this fight, security forces fired at the protesting Muslim dominated populace who were protesting. Over 9000 people were injured, 1200 of those being children who were under the age of 15. According to reports, most of them lost their vision or were blinded in one eye due to the metal pellets that these forces were firing.

After this incident, schools were closed, and teachers would educate from home or parents would set exams to keep children indoors. When schools reopened in winter, students were cautious and nervous.

According to BBC, on the first day back at school, 300 children went to a hall and drew. The principal of a school said “There was anger, a lot of anger… That’s all they did on the first day. They drew what they wanted. They didn’t utter a word. It was all very cathartic.”

The drawings show heartbreaking images and speech saying things like:

“I cannot see the world again and cannot see my friends again. I am blind.”

“I cannot see the world again.”