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This professor’s epic Twitter rant will make you go to class

His name is Adam Heath Avitable, and he’s not gonna take it anymore. His students don’t come to class, and he wants you all to know about it.

Professor Avitable, who teaches in Florida, got a surprise one day when his entire class failed to show up, all at once.

This is truly a worst-case scenario for truant students: when others also decide to skip the same class, it draws attention to the fact that people are missing. And some professors get downright offended.

Luckily for his students, Professor Avitable has a pretty good sense of humour. In fact, he’s also a comedian on the side. So instead of getting mad, he decided to make fun his students on twitter.


In trying to make them feel guilty, Avitable had some ammunition: he’d actually brought candy for his students that day. And nobody came!

Well, eventually two of them showed up — more than 90 minutes later. But Avitable gave them candy anyway. What a nice guy.

Prof. Avitable sure seems like a pretty interesting character. He even wrote and published a book, called Interviews with Dead Celebrities.

And as for him claiming to have a standup career, it’s really true — and he even has the Youtube channel to prove it.

Check out Avitable’s latest standup below. Admit it, you’d definitely take this guy’s class. Just don’t forget to show up on time.

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