These ‘light dancers’ are the craziest thing we’ve ever seen on a talent show

I certainly couldn’t say that America’s Got Talent is a show that I watch religiously.

After talent shows’ golden years in the early 2000s (let’s not pretend that we weren’t all watching Big Brother and Australian Idol pretty much every single weeknight of our adolescence), the format got pretty old, pretty quick.

But for the first time in a long time, America’s Got Talent has delivered an impressive, super original act that’s got tongues wagging.

The group in question are Ukrainian dance crew ‘Light Balance’ whose utterly insane light dancing is a choreographical and technological feat. I have absolutely no idea how they sync up their incredibly intricate light show with their acrobatic dance moves, but that’s all part of the attraction.

With Light Balance, you get a performance that not only makes you go “Holy crap that’s cool” as well as “No but seriously, how the hell are they doing that?

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