Aussie artist Ben Frost forces Western viewers to challenge their values and beliefs

Ben Frost is an Australian artist who specialises in pop art, but not just any old pop art.

Frost reimagines logos, popular culture characters and forces his viewers to challenge their views on Western culture and society. Frost’s bold and confronting artwork has often caused controversy.

With solo exhibitions in places including Sydney, New York and Singapore under his belt, Frost now has a show in London.

“Every time I watch a streaming video on the internet, I’m forced to sit through an advertisement at the beginning of each video. Seeing the little ‘SKIP AD’ button made me consider that a big part of our engagement with society is via a never-ending series of advertisements. Sometimes I wish we could just skip the entire millennium – SKIP A.D.” says Frost.

Frost’s latest work ‘SKIP A.D’ is a solo show at London’s StolenSpace Gallery which runs until July 1.