Racist woman goes viral after demanding ‘white doctor’ for sick son

Allowing racist and demeaning comments to be broadcast globally has profound impacts.

Multiple videos have been released in recent months of racist outbursts, both in Australia and abroad.

In America, a video has surfaced of a white woman in a medical clinic screaming demands to see a white doctor rather than any people of colour. Her son reportedly had chest pains, but rather than being seen in the nearby hospital or by a non-white doctor, the woman went on a tirade.

“Oh my God,” she exclaims in one video “What type of horrible country do I live in? My kid is sick, so I want to see somebody else that doesn’t have brown teeth and speaks English”.

Multiple videos were recorded by a number of witnesses, which points to the woman’s tirade lasting a while, and being disruptive and offensive enough to attract criticism from everyone in the area. Some videos show other patients in the waiting room questioning the woman – “Being black doesn’t make him a good doctor?” to which she responds “Don’t start with me, b*tch”.

It’s a disgusting trend, and one which should be alarming to rational and empathetic members of society.

When it’s possible to speak up, choose to challenge ignorance.