Cheeky pranksters turn elevators into a bank, a club and even a shower

Never make the mistake of thinking that your daily routine will always remain predictable and boring, because right when you do, these pranksters will most likely find you and turn your average lift experience into a surprising situation you’d never expect!

Watch as several unexpecting bystanders witness the seemingly impossible: an average elevator transformed into a bank, a club, a living room, a shower, a crime scene, and more.

Aside from moments where the pranksters spray or pie people in the face, the pranks are completely harmless and get our stamp of approval because, in all reality, nothing is wrong with a little prank now and again.

But no one would like to walk into work drenched in pie having to explain to their boss the unlikely event of an elevator clown throwing a pie on you. Professionally speaking, that’s just always a no-no.