Canadians are terrified they’re being invaded by crocs, but there’s a twist …

Typically, crocodiles don’t roam the great Canadian outdoors, however residents of Surrey, British Columbia, Canada are convinced otherwise.

The Surrey Royal Canadian Mounted Police had been receiving several panicked reports of a croc encroaching on Canadian land, so they went to investigate, and found what they found many refused to believe…

So as it turns out, the vicious croc was no croc at all! The crocodile look-alike was merely a floating truck tire. Phew!

Yeah, litter isn’t ideal either, but at least you’ve never heard of a tire attacking someone.

Although the verdict was out, not everyone was convinced.

Whether you think it’s a crocodile, a haunted tire, or simply refuse to fall victim to the lies…

I think we all can have a good laugh at the point this one man makes:

Well there you have it, a gator can be more than what meets the eye.