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Scientists have discovered a new species of glass frog

There’s a new glass frog species and it’s just as cool as one would expect.

A group of scientists have discovered a new species of glass frogs. Hyalinobatrachium Yaku is a newly discovered species of frog from Amazonian Ecuador, and while the name is quite a mouthful, one look at the frog will have your jaw on the ground.

“Glass frog” you ask?

Well much like glass, the skin of several species is transparent, so that organs such as the heart can be seen through the skin.

There’s a rather long list of distinguishing factors for this particular frog, however, according to a paper published by Zookeys. The “small, middorsal, dark green spots on the head and dorsum and a transparent pericardium,” are the main traits that separate the frogs from others in the family.

The paper also highlights that the particular species are only found in three specifif locations on the Amazonian lowlands of Equador – Kallana, San Jose and Ahuano. Given the distance between the locations, scientists believe that the frog has “a broader distribution, including nearby Peru”.

While they don’t believe the wide gaps between locations of the frog indicate that the frog is in danger, water pollution and destruction of habitat via increased development pose significant risks to the frog.