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Watch a pack of Siberian tigers take down and chew up a drone

The owner of a tiger farm decided to give his cats some exercise by having them chase a quadcopter drone. Yeah, that didn’t go so well.

It happened in China’s Heilongjiang province, at a farm where extremely rare Siberian Tigers are kept in captivity. And as you can see from the footage, these cats are a little more overweight than they might be in the wild. So the owner of the farm thought he’d let them run around a bit, using his drone as bait.

But the tigers had other ideas.

Unsurprisingly, when you pit your quadcopter drone in a game of cat and mouse against a group of Siberian Tigers, the drone is going down sooner or later. Probably sooner. And that’s exactly what happened:

Not only did the cats take down the drone – they proceeded to shred the thing completely, making this possibly the best drone video on the internet, especially if you hate drones.

And before you feel sorry for the owners of the tiger farm for losing their expensive toy while trying to do some good for the animals, you should know that this particular tiger farm engages in illegal sales of tiger bone wine, one of the major reasons for the decline of these incredible beasts.

So maybe don’t feel too sorry for them.

And with only a few hundred individuals left in the species, Siberian Tigers are vastly outnumbered by quadcopter drones anyway, which didn’t even exist a few years ago.

For somewhat less depressing footage of Siberian Tigers interacting with drones, check out this video of some wild tigers checking out a drone equipped with a camera:

So what can you do to help these amazing creatures survive? For one thing, don’t drink tiger bone wine. That’s a good start. And you might also consider giving some money to a proper tiger sanctuary, especially if you have enough money to buy yourself one of those fancy drones.

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