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These literal handsoaps will give you a hand when washing up

Indiana-based artists Marie Gardeski and David Birkey are selling a line of handsoaps that are literally hand soaps. Ha! So punny.

The set of novelty soaps, which resemble the dismembered hands of baby dolls, come in different colours and styles, with some resembling clenched fists and others looking like they want a high five.

The products are made from natural vegetable glycerin and have an aroma described as a mix between milk, honey, and oatmeal. So you really can use the hands as soap, and might even be a clever way of encouraging kids to wash more often.

Handsoaps that look like hands

Or you can simply use the handsoaps as decorations. Gardeski even confirmed that she originally made the soaps for as part of her 2004 sculptural installation in graduate school.

“I had no intention of becoming a soap-maker,” she said. “It was just the perfect medium for a project.”

After weeks of melting and pouring the glycerin into handmade molds, Gardeski was able to produce over 2,500 pieces, which she all arranged on the floor to look like waves in the sea.

Handsoaps that look like hands

We’re not gonna lie, that must’ve been a spectacular sight to see. A bit disturbing seeing thousands of tiny appendages, but spectacular nonetheless.

After the exhibition finished, Gardeski had to find a way to dispose of her creations.

“I opened an online shop in 2006 and began shipping Handsoap all over the world,” she said. “Today, I still make it by hand (with a lot of help from my husband, David) in much the same way as I did when creating the original piece.”

You can buy a set of handsoaps, as well as other sculptures and paintings, over at the couple’s Etsy store, ‘Imaginary Animal’.

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